Highest quality, made in Germany

what does that mean to you?


Where do we manufacture?

We attach great importance to the highest precision and quality in all of our products. We manufacture exclusively in Germany and work together with various regional and national companies. In this way we can ensure that our high quality standards are met.

How sustainable is your equipment?

Thanks to our local partners, we are not dependent on imports from the Far East. In addition to the outstanding quality of our components, the CO2 footprint is also kept small. Furthermore, we also minimize non-recyclable material in the packaging.

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How do we manufacture?

A large part of our production steps is manual work, which enables a high level of customization and guarantees maximum precision. During the production of your equipment, we also pay attention to the highest surface quality, so that you can fully concentrate on your next shot when using it.

Development/Production Steps

Become fimliar with our workflow from the idea to the final product.
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1. Design/Analysis

Our goal: to combine innovative technical solutions with elegant design in order to offer archery equipment of an unprecedented quality.

Design and analysis are an iterative process, i.e. strongly linked. Starting from a basic design, stress simulations are carried out, the design is then adapted and simulated again. After the basic design has been determined, various finite element simulations are carried out in order to optimize each individual geometry parameter for stiffness, damping and lightweight construction. Even if all of these requirements are already met, we are always working to further optimize our products.

2. Manufacturing

Our goal: maximum precision and maximum porduct lifetime

Our components are manufactured on the most modern CNC machines in Germany. For highly stressed components, we rely on the aluminum alloy EN AW 7075 and 1.4305 stainless steel, which have been tried and tested in the aerospace industry. In this way we can guarantee the maximum product lifetime of our equipment.

The individual parts are machined from solid material in order to achieve the highest level of precision, strength and the smallest of tolerances. In the production of a recurve riser, around 90% of the material is cut away from the solid aluminum block, which weighs over 10 kg.

The carbon tubes for our stabilizers are manufactured by our partner in Germany using the prepreg winding process. The fibers are wrapped around a core that is removed after completion.


3. Anodizing/Surface

Our goal: individual look, high-quality feel and minimal abrasion

In order to create an optimal and homogeneous surface, our components are either polished by hand after production or blasted with glass beads. A hard layer of aluminum oxide is then created on the surface of the aluminum during anodizing by electrolysis. In a further step, this will be dyed in your desired color. Here, too, we rely on a partner in Germany who develops special anodizing processes that achieve results far above the usual commercial average.

For our EN AW 7075 aluminum recurve riser, we will offer a special hard anodizing process that creates an extremely hard and durable surface. The thicker and particularly hard oxide layer makes the surface absolutely resistant to abrasion and scratches. Your bow will still look like new years later.

4. Assembly/Quality Control

Our goal: Outstanding quality and precision

Our equipment is assembled by hand. We take a lot of time for each product and check each component for our high quality standards. Insufficient components are sorted out. This is how we guarantee perfect surface quality and fitting accuracy.

The stabilizers are glued on our precise adjustment system with a 2-component adhesive specially developed for CFRP. With this we ensure that the stabilizer is 100% straight.