What drives us

As long-time archers and technical enthusiasts, we are deeply rooted in the world of archery.

The latest models from established brands may offer a new look, but when it comes to innovation in archery equipment, there is a lull. Shorter product development times mean that a new sheet is launched on the market almost every year. But instead of real progress, we are always presented with the same buzzwords: forgiving, quiet, fast, …

What we lack, however, is scientific data to back up these advertising slogans.

It was in this dilemma that we developed our vision: To combine innovative technical solutions with elegant design and the highest quality. Our goal is to revolutionize the development of archery equipment. We not only test behind closed doors, but also measure and publish our results. In addition, our products and individual components are manufactured exclusively in Germany. We stand for technical progress and transparency – not for empty advertising slogans.

Welcome to NOVAERY – where “Rocket Science for Archery” is not just a slogan, but reflects our passion for advanced technology and true innovation.

Origin of the name

NOVAERY is a artificial word of innovation and archery. Our company name stands for our goal: to bring technical innovations to archery.